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ONLē Talks with Kayrxn (@heykayrxn) by Jas Wilson

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With his extremely out-of-the-box style and personality, Kayrxn immediately grabs everyone’s attention when he walks through the door. His signature neon green detailed wrestler’s mask and flamboyantly decorated championship belt give us a slight glimpse into the crazy yet confident character underneath the persona. “I’ve been wearing this mask for about 2 or 3 months, and I feel like it has really changed my perspective on a lot of things,” he explains. “This character has developed so much and led me to experiment with more styles and even just going out and talking to people. My  character has definitely grown since first wearing it.” The ‘Champion’ style and persona is such an integral piece of his artistry and is apparent whenever Kayrxn performs. Before his song, he teases us with a short skit that alludes to this character and entices the audience to stop and listen in even more. His music, riddled with heavy lyricism and prose, is just as captivating as his appearance. 

Kayrxn explains to me how the importance of being unique and standing out from the crowd relates to the message he’s putting out with his music. “It’s okay to be different. Different is what really makes you unique. You separate yourself from the pack, but in a good way.” He wants his fans to know that being a bit unusual can take you far on the path to your goals and to never be afraid to stand out. Regardless of talent, having your own distinctive style will always make sure that you leave an imprint in people’s minds. It is safe to say that with his bold persona and original sound, Kayrxn will hardly be forgotten.

What's your name, stage name and Instagram handle?

I go by Karron aka Kmysterio or @heykayrxn. Those are my boys Monte and D’ante [gestures to his friends in the corner]. They try to kill me every day [laughs]  but it's like that you know?

And what’s the story behind how you began music?

I began music based on my brothers. My whole entire family has been doing music for a long time, but my brothers started rapping when I was around 15. From there I got super interested in coming up with lyrics and the lyricism aspect of music. This was to the point where I started recording music in a closet. My brother liked it so they kept pushing me and they kept making me work with people. So eventually I just grew to love music. 

I've always been a lyrical person but I've always wanted to do something different with my style and just be different. I mean I look different [looks down at his garments] I’ve always looked different since birth.

He just built different!” [friend chimes in the background]

I've always been built different! [flexes his arms and laughs]

How would you describe your music?

I would say my music is lyrical soul. It draws comparisons to Saba and Smino. It’s real heavy on the storytelling aspect. Cause even though I’ve only been living for about 21 years, I have a lot to say. I have a lot of experiences that I want to share through my music

And what message are you hoping to put out into the world?

I'm hoping to spread a message that lets people know it's okay to be different. Because being different is what really makes you unique. Of course, I'm wearing a mask and purple and yellow and stuff. It's really like separating yourself from the pack in a good way. Especially in Maryland and Baltimore, people are really open to people being different because it's a new idea and a new experience. Being different will take you places.

I love that! Who are some of your biggest creative inspirations when it comes to music?

Of course Saba, Smino, Mick Jenkins. All of the Dreamville and Odd Future niggas. I was very heavy into Earl and early Tyler. Hodgy Beats, I wish people talked about him more, he’s really really good. Of course a couple of my friends [gestures to friend]. He’s my inspiration. Cause he just doesn’t give a shit!

“Damn right!” [friend laughs]

It's that type of energy that I strive for. Because sometimes I give too much.

What is the main motivation that keeps you going on this journey?

Debbie [points to the championship belt draped on his shoulder]. This is Debbie. Debbie is my main inspiration. [laughs]

No, but really, the main motivation is the people around me. They keep me level and centered. They keep me working on shit. Every now and then you just feel like shit, but if you have a good support system around you, that gives you a little boost so you can keep going. 

What's your next project called and where can we go to look for it?

My next project is coming out in 2022. It's going to be out on all platforms. And you can find my latest project “Control Freak” on all platforms as well.

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