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ONLē Talks with Kelvin5Star (@Kelvin5star) by Jas Wilson

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Kelvin5Star is a musician and all around creative originating from Ghana and currently dominating the music scene in East London. With a classic amalgamation of old school and new school hip hop influences, Kelvin’s sound coalesces into a perfectly interwoven tale of the various cultures he has grown up around and experienced. His latest project, “Lifestyle of the Outlaw” is a testament to his rebellious spirit and commitment to standing outside of societal norms and expectations. He augments his unique and unconventional sound by drawing inspiration from a plethora of artists, ranging all the way from the early 2000s rap era to the trap sound of the current decade, who all share his subversive worldview. “I don't have just one specific style,” Kelvin says, “I draw inspiration from everything and every single part of me.” The rich culmination of influence and culture coupled with the dedication to putting his authentic self into every track sets “Lifestyle of the Outlaw” up to be one of Kelvin5star’s most successful projects yet.

What's your name and Instagram?

My name is Kelvin, @kelvin5star on Instagram


Tell us about the show with Onle Vibez! Have you performed with Onle Vibez before?

I have actually performed with Onle Vibez before. During the pandemic, we linked up and caught up because Jeremiah has been showing me love since a long time ago. We've been talking back and forth for a while and during the pandemic, we chopped it up and he invited me to do a live show. Since then we've built a great rapport with each other. But this one in London is his first gesture and we really pulled a rabbit out of our hat, however the saying goes [he laughs]. We pulled it together last minute finding spaces and going through that whole journey together. I feel like once it comes together it won't just be a performance, but a celebration that we actually made it happen. 


And that you're finally making this international connection!

Yeah, for sure! In terms of what to expect, though, it's going to be all new vibes. All new songs. All new rhythms. It's gonna be spinning, all of that. I’m going to show you my energy, show you what my world is and what my people are like. Yeah, that's what that is [he laughs]. It's gonna be a movie!

So you have an album coming out, tell us a little bit about it.

Yeah yeah yeah. It's a 5-track album, more of a mixtape. It's a little introduction called “Lifestyle of the Outlaw.”

Oooh, that's an interesting title! How’d you come up with that?

It's like a concept piece. A friend of mine who is also a collaborator, creative director, and fashion designer, we were having a conversation and he was saying that the word ‘Outlaw’ sort of defined me as a person; Not in the sense of criminal activity, but more-so with energy or spirit. I have got a certain rebellious kind of energy and my style is not very conventional. A lot of the things that I do are not typically conventional, especially where I come from. And I guess I do it with a certain kind of swag [he laughs]. So he said thats what kind of defines me and the tape is centered around that.

So it's sort of an ode to you being a misfit.

Yes, essentially. You shortened it perfectly [he laughs].

What vibe can we expect from this mixtape? What is the style of music you’re going for with it?

Theres a lot of trap influences, I’ll say. A lot of 808s in the beat in there but I also feel like it's different. The flows that I tap into are different. Its not typical, you know what I mean? It feels fresh and new. But also very much old school with the approach. I feel like I blend the old school and the new school very well and when I put them together It just makes something crazy. I studied everything from a Tribe Called Quest, Tupac, Biggie, and even artists from the 2000s. I would study the penmanship and the art of being a musician, you know? Actually studying the technical part of it. And at the same time, I'm young and this era is very much me, like trap and everything thats going on now. I mesh those two worlds together. I like both, I’m not on either side. I like this very new sound thats going on with music but I also respect the old school.



You mentioned Tupac and Biggie, who else would you say inspires you musically?

Probably Kanye, Skepta, Kendrick to a certain point. I kind of like the rebellious type of artist like Andre 3000, Pharrell, Kid cudi, and everyone who is a bit left. 

Being from Ghana to now living in London, how has your culture influenced the music that you create?

I never really like to be just one thing. I don't have a specific style so in terms of that I draw inspiration from everything and every part of me. Being Ghanian, from the teachings that Ive heard and to the way of life, I take that. Being from East London and everything that I go through around there, the slang and culture, I take that. Even American culture, some parts of it are very interchangeable and mirror each other very well. I draw from everything and blend it together in a way that is very me. 

How is the music/creative scene in London?

I would say I’m establishing myself as a brand and a musician. I’ve been watching, learning and following to see whats going on and kind of waiting my turn essentially. The scene is definitely going and it's going far. It's growing more and more international every day and I’m excited to be apart of it. It's growing and I feel like I could definitely help it grow in a more positive and wider way.

Lastly, where can we go to look for your project when it drops?

Every streaming platform! I'm everywhere, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, even TikTok apparently. Kelvin5star, you should find me.

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